About Us

Cheryl Karner, President

An unsettling incident years ago sparked my desire to provide home care services.

I have an established tax and accounting service in Elgin. One of my clients - I’ll call her Norma - needed a visit. I had made it a habit to visit my clients and bring along their favorite donuts or flowers. 

When I got there, Norma told me that her caregiver was late. After an hour of waiting, she arrived. The aide ambled through the door looking disheveled and half asleep. Her sour attitude matched her negligence. This was the trusted person who was supposed to help Norma prepare her meals, do the dishes and make sure she was OK.

This was just wrong.

I just could not stand to see my friend Norma treated in that way. Could you? How many other seniors and those in need were faced with such sorry service? 

So I started Cherish Home Care in Elgin.

Old-Fashioned Values...

I guess you could say that I come from a belief in old-fashioned values - when you treat others the way you would want them to treat you. Your senior, or relative who needs meal preparation, light housecleaning, exercise, or so on needs to be attended to with concern and compassion.

When you live and work in a community for years, you form bonds with people. I come from a time when the Elgin Tower Building downtown was known as the Home Banks Building. In those days, when you walked into the office of a professional, such as a doctor, real estate agent or lawyer, they got a cup of coffee for you and talked about your family. Then they explained to you how their service might match your needs. They looked out for you as if you were family.

That’s the reason why we say,

"Affordable Care You Can Trust - Because We Care."

“Taking Care of Your Family - Like Family.”

Make An Appointment With Us

We at Cherish Home Care will come to your house and sit down with you and your loved one. That’s the best way we can assess his or her needs. 

You and I then get to know each other. Maybe your senior needs help getting dressed in the morning, making meals, keeping the house clean, basic grooming, or grocery shopping. Or they need companionship and a walk around the block if the weather’s good. And I’m pretty good with matching your loved one with one of our caregivers who will really understand him or her, and will take proper care of them.

Quality Control

Another important aspect of home care is making sure one’s caregivers are well trained, and monitored to make sure they follow guidelines. We have a training program and provide close quality control of our aides.

Do you need daily care for your loved one? Do they depend on a reliable and cheerful caregiver who understands and cares for them? Then call us to set up an appointment  at  (847) 888-3403  to see if our service is a good match for you. Or tap or click on the button below.


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Call us at  847-888-3403 to set up an appointment to visit you and your loved one. Or tap or click on the button above.